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F1 2019 Is the IA improved when fighting each other?

F1 2019 The Game (Codemasters)
First of all, I loved F1 2018, it has probably been my favourite F1 game ever.

There was only one thing that basically ruined my career, and it was the AI getting stuck behind slower drivers.

They were aggressive and actual fun against me, but it was extremely frustrating to have an awesome race fighting Hamilton for 20 laps, then pit, come out behind some F1.5 car, overtake him in three cornerns (I had a Ferrari) and then watch my gap skyrocket because Lewis took 10 laps to overtake someone two seconds slower than him. Same thing with lapped cars, I think there has never been a lapped car who actually gave way without wasting 2+ seconds. Is this fixed this year?

I love driver transfers, the new graphics, reviews are great and I want to try the F2, but if this issue is still here I think I'm gonna pass this year, since it makes career (my main enjoyment in these games) stupidly easy