Is the free version of the latest Racer (racer090rc10) able to be used together with Matalb/Simulink

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by kimiferraren, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. kimiferraren


    Hello, I want to test the yaw control system (build in Simulink) together with the car model (build in Racer). Or is it possible to use the free version of the latest Racer (racer090rc10) to just provide visualization and let both the controller and car model built in Simulink?

    Thank you guys!
  2. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    Nothing to do with Simulink will work with the Free Racer version.

    Free Racer just uses Racer physics engine only.

    So you'll have to use whatever Racer Pro version you have to run Simulink physics.
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