Is Porsche devaluing the 911 with their racing efforts?


Nov 23, 2016
For the last 30 years a Porsche 911 is:
  • rear engine, transmission in front of engine, rear seat space
  • multi-link suspension in the rear
  • simple struct in front
(before 1990 is was structs all around, 964 is intermediate)

The current racing versions in order of value:
  • 911 GT3 Cup, $220000
  • 911 GT3 R, $500000 - double wishbones in front
  • 911 GT3 RSR, $??? - double wishbones in front, engine in front of transmission

Isn't that telling us something? Go-fast requires what basic physics say - heavy stuff in the middle. Need to control the wheels so that they point the right way under all conditions, and that includes the front wheels.

In addition the racing cars have hydraulic power steering support, while the 991 street cars are sitting there with electric support.