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Is mounting system of t80 or t300 compatible with t150/TMX?

q1. Is this mounting system the same and/or compatible with both t80 and t150/TMX? https://shop.thrustmaster.com/en_gb/spare-parts/fixation-kit-for-t150-tmx.html

q2. does this mounting system/fixation kit, belonging to t300, work with t150 too?

basically I have a t150 without any clambs and screw for mounting it on a table, and
1: I don't live in the UK so can't order from the website
2: really hard to find spare parts, and recently I have found a t80 that I could buy for €20-30, or alternatively I could buy just the mounting kit from a t300 (which I have seen looks different, but wonder if it still fits), I don't know the price I'd have to pay for this. So I wonder if both of these options work or not