Is it possible to "lose" skill in Simracing?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Carlitox, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. Carlitox


    A bit of context beforehand...

    A while ago today, I sat down after many days with the intention to plug the ol' wheel and race something. I go to college, recently took up a bunch of tricky subjects and up until recently I also had a job (you won't believe how hard it is for students to get part-time jobs here, about 25-30% of students under 25 are unemployed). Anyways, because of college and the fact I've been helping around in the house to make myself useful, I haven't been racing as frequently as before. As a rough estimate, I used to race maybe three or four days a week in short but enjoyable bursts, and of course when the day was free I enjoyed the occassional RD social event. Now, if I'm lucky I get to drive once a week.

    You kind of see where I'm getting to. Recently, I've been noticing a "loss" of skill (there wasn't a lot of skill to begin with, but I've always been able to handle myself rather well). Cars and tracks that I could handle well now are tricky for me, sometimes I spin off in cars I almost never did before and, above all, I've needed to tone down the difficulty of some games, otherwise I can't fight back. Maybe it's in my head, that definitely was my first suspicion. But I wonder how the spacing of simracing sessions affects my skill. We know this is not as easy as learning to ride a bike, it's not something that just sticks with you. But it also isn't something you just forget.

    So I've created this topic merely out of curiosity, to see if you guys have had similar experiences. I'm ok making stuff easier, it bites, but real life comes first. But if there are similar cases around, well, maybe I'm not that crazy after all! :D

    And of course, that will absolutely not stop me from doing it! ACC is next! :inlove:
  2. R1Joel


    Bumping a thread, but I seen that there was no replies.
    I think most people do lose skill if you don't exercise that particular skill. Say you can hit a certain laptime with a car and track. If you don't do any laps for a week, you won't jump on and start hitting the same time again. But the skill doesn't disappear, eg, after 10 laps or so you should be getting back up to speed.
    I had the same thing when I use to race radio control cars. I had no local tracks, so I'd race once every couple of weeks or so. It would take me a battery or so to get my head back around what it needed to do. I would then improve each race throughout the day. I did keep myself fresh with a sim, but it still took that time to get "my head in the game".

    I think you can also go the other way. Do something too much and you can start going regressing.
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  3. smasha


    I have simraced forever and never had skill,I don’t simrace much anymore,it only leads to self hatred and depression.
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