Is it possible to customize AI difficulty?

I play with a controller and I need all the assists which means I have to select Novice difficulty. This is fine, except the AI are very slow at this difficulty. I was wondering if it is possible to have the driving aids all on but run the AI at a higher difficulty than novice?

Great site by the way, so much good information!
Hi FinbarFoley, I use a gamepad and no assists. These are my settings at the moment:-
Steering sensitivity 27%
Throttle sensitivity 51%
Brake sensitivity 51%
Clutch 20% .
Steering sensitivity 62%
In setup:-
steering 8.00
Diff power 80 Coast 30
Brakes F:R 60-40.
In User Data in Player mode In game options section about a third of the way down Drop AI Corner Grip usage down to about 92 or 93 using notepad.
Hope that this might help. I use Corner Grip usage to speed up and slow down AI.

Thank you for the information Andrew. I also found a setting in the player.plr file called "AI Driver Strength Boost" and I've found that it allows the usual AI level of 85 on novice to be boosted by whatever amount I put in, so that seems to be working.

Thank you for the controller settings, I run with something similar to you but on my PS3 controller don't have good enough control over the triggers to stop myself from spinning out unless I am being extremely cautious. I will try changing the diff setting though and that might help.