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Is gsce easier better with graphics now?


RDTCC S10 Champion
Jan 1, 2015
I am wondering in recent updates if gsce has been better optimized for graphic settings or if it is just some tracks are much easier to run at high settings. I normally run high track texture, high player and medium for everything else and no special effects or shadows, and about 2x aa. It runs well and the quality is good enough. On replays I will run higher settings if I am just trying to take some screenshots. I left the settings on full for everything and 2xaa low shadows and low special effects and on Brasilia it runs fine. I haven't tried that for several months but it was on another track, so I am wondering if it has been better optimized for lower end systems like mine or just if this track is easier to handle? I have a 2.4 q6600 intel quad, core 2duo and a gtx460 card, both are untouched and not overclocked.

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Jan 6, 2010
A lot of optimization work has been done in recent updates, but you should see considerable variation from track to track depending on their complexity.

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