iRacing to Release USAC Sprint Cars, Scanning Knoxville Raceway

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    iRacing USAC Sprint Cars 3.jpg have confirmed USAC Sprint Cars will be coming to the simulation later this month, plus scanning has started on the 1/2 mile Knoxville Raceway dirt short track.

    With the massive dirt update already now well embedded in the iRacing service (and receiving highly encouraging reviews from real life drivers and fans alike), iRacing have today confirmed the next batch of loose surface racing content scheduled to be released for the massive multiplayer racing service.

    Firstly iRacing have confirmed scanning is already underway at the "Sprint Car Capital of the World," the 1/2 mile Knoxville circuit located in the Marion County Fairgrounds, Iowa. The track, one of the most popular and well regarded on the dirt oval racing season, is already hosting iRacing team members who are hard at working scanning the location with a view to releasing the circuit for public purchase toward the end of 2017.

    iRacing Knoxville.jpg

    "The fact that Knoxville Raceway is coming to iRacing is great news; great for iRacing, great for Knoxville and, most of all, great for iRacers around the world," says Steve Myers, Executive Vice President and Executive Producer for "Knoxville is synonymous with sprint car racing, and making such a legendary track available to our members is a real feather in our cap."

    In other more immediate iRacing dirt news, the developers over in Bedford, Mass have confirmed the simulation will be joining forces with the United States Auto Club (USAC) in a deal that will see a selection of cars from the popular AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Championship arriving in the title over the next few years.

    We’re excited to partner with USAC in creating official iRacing series for our 410 and 360 non-winged sprint cars,” Added Myres. “The AMSOIL USAC National Sprint Car Championship is rightly known for some of the most competitive racing to be found on dirt – or any surface for that matter. I’m sure sim racers everywhere will be eager to sling some dirt in iRacing’s non-wing USAC sprint cars.”

    Although the partnership initially focuses on sprint cars, iRacing’s future plans include additional USAC-based online series on legendary dirt tracks like Eldora, Kokomo and Belleville raceways.

    “Joining forces with iRacing enables us to make an exciting new dimension in racing available to our fans in the United States and around the world,” says USAC President and CEO Kevin Miller. “We’re thrilled with the opportunity and look forward to participating in the rapidly growing sim racing community in the months and years to come.”

    The first fruits of this new partnership are expected to be seen as early as April 24th, with the USAC Sprint Car due to make it's debut appearance. is a PC exclusive racing simulation utilising a subscription based business model. Content in the form of cars and tracks can be purchased at an additional cost.

    iRacing USAC Sprint Cars 2.jpg iRacing Knoxville 2.jpg

    Check out the iRacing sub forum here at RaceDepartment to keep abreast of the latest news with regards to the simulation. We host a space to chat and ask questions, plus give players the opportunity to post and download user created car setups for all the vehicles available in game.

    How are you enjoying dirt racing so far? Looking forward to the USAC sprint cars? Which dirt series would you like to see adding in future? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Dave R

    Dave R

    I really need to resubscribe.
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  3. Nick Gregory

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    Oh, your 410 Sprint car does wheelies?


    The USAC car also wheelies, while sideways.

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  4. snyperal


    I hate to sound all whiny, but what else are they focusing on? Nothing about that fiesta that they teased us with, or those Porsches, and the Ferrari seems to be dead in the water. Even if they released dirt tyres for the mx5, fun could be had.
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  5. Nevini


    I suppose, messing around in the mud helps to hide the poor in game physics.
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  6. leseb64


    cancel account..
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  7. Leynad777


    I resubscribed for a month to check out the new "physics" and rant about:D
    Dirt feels about alright for me (and don´t know sh*t about), but driving oval isn´t my thing and i highly doubt that it works with the high-ping servers in the US.

    Did some road-races and the car-handling completely changed like in the Skip Barber or Cadillac. They don´t oversteer anymore out of nowhere, now they just understeer, which makes it very easy to drive. A walk in the park compare to other titles:whistling: You do about the right inputs and the cars just obey. No steering-corrections needed, just hit the apex and all is fine. Three races, three podiums (3rd place just once) was my result in the first three races.

    So far so Simcade, eh, good, but oh my god, driving with a high ping is like on a LSD-trip. Reality and time is binding. Worst was the Skippy on Road America. I was leading by far according to my mirror and timing-display (7 seconds), just crossed start/finish line and the guy behind me just entered the straight. But than he got something like an F1-engine upgrade with DRM enabled and hitting my back before the next right-hander while i´m breaking for late apex. My car was still on the road and lost a few seconds, but i could move on and saw the hitter in the mirror on the grass. But according to my timing-display he was leading now and yes, he was and winning:roflmao:

    Got hit a second time two laps after from a car which was not there the moment before, but managed to get 2nd place somehow in this parallel world i was driving in. And according to the race-statistics, there were no incidents at all and i just was dreaming the stuff. Maybe some flashbacks from my trips two decades ago:laugh:
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  8. Eckhart von Glan

    Eckhart von Glan

    weird, never happened to me in five years
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  9. GMcA_74


    You need to have a biased point of view, and several axes to grind, in order to come away with some of the BS in Leynads post.

    Really a month and he's here to tell us all, Yeah thanks, but no thanks. :whistling:

    Try using something better than a 56kmodem while download goat pron and also try getting out of rookies, scrub.:devilish: But that will never happen cos "it's all iRacings fault" you suck!
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