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Iracing Teams

Jul 21, 2019
Hello guys. I have a question, I am new to Iracing and I am not the fastest and not the slowest, my Irating is 1700. I want to do some endurance racing, but then you need a team. Is someone looking for a team member or something? It is not only for endurance, but also for other stuff because none of my friends play Iracing. I am putting a lot of time and effort in Iracing. I hope to hear from someone.

Ryan Robbins

Mar 8, 2011
I just rejoined iRacing for a year membership. You can PM me here or at iRacing. Never done an endurance race at iRacing, but may be interested. I have raced almost every type of vehicle at iRacing but haven't for a while. I enjoy all sims, and am just getting back into sim racing after a year addicted to Fortnite.