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iRacing | Dallara LMP2 Preview Video

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Another LMP 2 Dallara preview I hear you cry? Yes, iRacing are obviously excited about this one, and looking at the video, I suspect the players are pretty hyped too.

Not much to say here, a video tells a thousand words as they say... so let us have this hear poetry in motion do the talking on this article....

iRacing is a PC exclusive racing simulation available to purchase from the Steam Store.

Got questions about the sim? No worries, pop over to the iRacing sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start up a new thread to get involved with the sim racing community today!

iRacing dallara footer.jpg
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That's not important, he just came here to s*** on Iracing. :D
Come on in, folks....it's an Iracing thread, better get yourself some popcorn!

Yes I know he just wanna bash at IRacing...he do that in every thread but nevertheless it makes my statement not less true.
If you listen closely you'll also notice that they implemented ambient noise in the starting pit area similar to what ACC has going on. Pretty cool.

Here are more details from iRacing - Greg Hill:

As of the September build, iRacing will have a much more immersive audio environment. The racetrack will come alive with ambient sounds appropriate for the racetrack location, the current state of the race weekend, and how exciting the on-track action is. Below is a sampling of what to expect, but far from a comprehensive list:
Track location: The overall ambient hum will be different based on where you are racing. At a track like Road America expect to hear the sound of birds, insects, and trees in the heavily forested areas. However go to Knoxville which is right in the middle of busy streets and you'll hear a more appropriate urban drone.
Paddock/pit sounds: At tracks where it's appropriate, expect to hear the clang of tools, the sound of generators spinning up and down, etc. This is also tied into the race state, so while it may make sense to have a bustling pit road on race day, it won't during testing.
Pit PA: Also tied to race state, expect to hear typical pit warnings, whistles, etc.
Pit alarm: Where appropriate, an alarm that will sound when cars enter pit road. The pit crew won't be able to miss your car approaching. Wait until you hear it at Nurburgring.
General PA: In areas of the track where it makes sense, expect to hear general PA announcements that you'd hear if you were really there. Authentic languages are in the plans for the future.
Crowd noise: In areas near the stands and bleachers, you'll hear an appropriately loud sense of crowd presence. As the excitement of the race rises, so too does the crowd's excitement.
This is a project that is years in the making, really. The recent move to XAudio provided the necessary framework for our audio team to develop the required systems and sounds. The final push was a collaboration between the very talented audio engineer (Aussie Greg), sim engineering (Jeff Rubin, Grant Reeve, David Tucker), and the art and production department (Kevin Combs, Kevin Iannarelli, Jake Poulin) who placed these sounds all over our many many racetracks.
We're all super excited about this feature as it truly transforms the in-sim experience. Listen for it #soon in the build next week.