iRacing and Steam help please

Gav Elias

Jun 12, 2011
I have an iRacing account, though I stopped it about a year ago due to selling off my wheel and buy g a PS4 at the time. I have now bought a T300 wheel and looking to resubscribe.

I would rather do it all through Steam as i use it for all my gaming needs. However, I do not have a currently active account until I resubscribe and therefore cannot get to the 'generate steam key' options .

Any advice?



Bul Knaters

Apex Racing UK
Aug 12, 2012
If you are looking to resubscribe it's probably best to do it through the main iracing site and then link that to your steam account. I know there is a thread in the iracing forums telling you how to do this.

Jason Palmer

Sim Racing Jason
Oct 13, 2012
Here is the part of the forum post that i think helps explain what you need to do mate.

If any of you have an existing Steam account, didn't buy iRacing through Steam, but would like to link your iRacing account to your Steam account, here's how:

1) On the iRacing member site, go to "Account/My Account". At the bottom of the page there's a button to generate a Steam Key - click it. Make a note of the key; you'll need to enter it twice in the next few steps.

2) Click the "Click here to enable it" link once you've generated your key. This will enable the Steam Overlay while running iRacing. You can always turn this off if you wish in the "Settings" panel.

3) Open Steam, and in the top-level menu, click "Games", and then click "Activate a Product on Steam".

4) Follow the steps on-screen until you're asked for a Steam Key. Type in your Steam Key, and finish the installation.

5) If you then launch iRacing via Steam, you'll be taken to the iRacing login page, where you will need to enter your Steam key again, but only once, in order to link your Steam account to your iRacing account. Now you will be able to login either directly at iRacing, as always, or by pressing "Play" from within your Steam library.

After reading that it looks like you will need to re sub via first then move your account over to Steam.


Gav Elias

Jun 12, 2011
Yeah, I have seen that. However, as noted in the OP, as my account is not active until i resubscribe, i cannot get to the 'my account' bit to generate the steam key.

Might have to resubscribe through iRacing, then get the key and then authorise and download via Steam i guess. Slightly annoying as (in UK) it is cheaper to renew through Steam than through iRacing site.

EDIT: scratch that! Tried using my iPad and when trying the same on my PC there is a 'my account' button showing up so sorted now. Thanks!
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