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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Corey Slade, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Corey Slade

    Corey Slade

    Hey guys,

    I wasn't sure were to post this but im looking at getting into FSR ive been a follower of the World Championship for quite some time now and the racing at this place looks top notch.

    Ive been sim racing for about 4 years now did 3 years on rFactor running around in the v8's...( What can i say i live in Bathurst, Australia :p )

    Spent the last year on iRacing and was able to run pretty well in the V8SC Series and Grand-Am series but started to fall tired of iRacing.

    Anyway long story short i was just wanting to know what's the best way about just getting involved and doing some testing to get up to speed in the F1 and learn the ropes.

    Ive never had a real crack at Open Wheel racing but have done a few one off events.

    Cheer's, Corey
  2. Clayton Nelmes

    Clayton Nelmes

    Hey dude i think i remember your name i raced V8's last season i think well it was quite a few months ago now haha, but yeah join a team is the best thing. Good to see more aussies too.
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