Interested in a non-pro championship season?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by HROAndi, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. HROAndi


    Do you struggle with the pro difficulty?

    Do you rank about 1500 (+/- approx. 500) when you push to your limits in time trial?

    Do you always drive on your own after a couple of laps in online races because the guys in front of you are way too fast and the guys behind you are way too slow?

    Have you always wanted to participate in an online championship but weren't sure if you're good enough?

    Well, I always feel this way. I don't consider myself an extremely bad driver, but I am always driving behind in serious race events. This is fine for me and I kinda regret not having more time to practice, but such is life.

    Anyway, I wanna start my own season with 15 other drivers if possible. I would like to use the 2012 car performance and ask the ones of you who think are a little better to choose the lower tier cars, whereas the ones of you who think are not too brilliant to use the better cars. As an indicator I see the time trial ranking. If you manage around Rank 1200 then choose a lower tier car like Marussia or HRT. On the other hand, if you rank about 1800 then choose one of the better cars like the Red Bull. I'm hoping this way we can even things out.

    I would like to race once a week on Wednesday nights at around 21:00 (9 pm) CET (8 pm BST). I also think that the racing line, breaking, ABS and pit assists should be off. That way things may get a little more interesting on the track. Traction control and gearbox may stay on. I'm thinking a whole season starting with Melbourne and finishing with Sao Paulo at 50% race distance in a short weekend with short qualifying, full damage, saftey car and realistic rules and flags (probably dynamic weather too). We'd race according to the RD-rules. I'll try to keep track of the results and post them in an appropriate thread in the F1 2012 club & racing leagues area.

    Ofcourse I'm open for any other thoughts and possible changes.

    So, what do you think? Who's interested? Who's aboard? But be sure to be able to race most Wednesday nights, otherwise it would be pointless.
  2. Tom

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    There's a board for racing clubs.

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