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Intel HD Graphics and weightlifting

Hi, sorry for my bad English, and sorry if this is not the right place.
I recently explained my story (in off topic) ... the question is that my gpu radeon r9 270x was irreversibly damaged and I only have this pc left:

-Intel Core i5-3570
Basic processor frequency 3.40 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.80 GHz

and it has integrated this video onboard (inside the cpu)
Intel HD Graphics 2500
650 MHz graphics base frequency
Maximum dynamic graphics frequency 1.15 GHz

-mother asus p-8h77-v (without bottlenecks).
-10 gb RAM
For years I have used this config (CPU and mother and ram) and it is excellent zero problems:thumbsup:. Now that my gpu died, I face using the "intel hd graphics" 2500.

My question is addressed ONLY to those who know the subject, tested with similar configs, or have and use this video onboard:

Could you run project cars 2, asseto corsa competizione (acc, NO AC), "dirt 5" or "f1 2020"? in a reasonable way? (low end graphics 30-60 fps)
the only problem I have is the temperature (original 60 celcius fan in "South American" summer:mad:)

keep in mind that with intel hd graphics 2500 game to:
rfactor 1: 50-120 fps, med graphics.
gtr2: 60-100 fps, med low graphics (has dynamic wheater and day ni)
richards burns rally: 120 fps
F1 Challenge 99-02: 60 fps med graphics (I don't understand why it's worse than the others)

I've seen on YouTube that many use hd graphics for low quality games, but at least they work ... will they work in my case? (there are no examples of my "2500" racesims on youtube). On YTube, someone said that for ACC (which does not AC) it hardly works, everything is low and without AI, or if it was not unplayable.:(
to compare, many exemplify videos of racesims with hd graphics 4000, but it is so different (other features) that I don't know if it would have the same performance as the "2500".

I don't want to waste without knowing

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It won't be playable. Like that video you posted is considered unplayable to me.

The HD4000 is not much but it is definitely better than the HD2500 (better texture fill rate, memory bandwidth, etc). You could probably launch the game since both support Dx11 iirc but it will have even worse frame rate than that. So no, I don't think ACC or PCars 2 will run in anything but single frames.

Don't know where you are based but a second hand r9 270x can be had for pretty cheap these days.
Don't even try that, just catch a second hand card GTX 660 550, IDK. But dont waste your money on that.
thanks to everyone.

I'm not wasting, I've already had this combination of cpu + mother + ram for years. thx

as I said :
I have RBR, GTR2, F1 challenge 99-02 and Rfactor 1 .... nothing is missing:). They are my best and most complete experience in racesims.

I don't miss those new games. I just want to see the "acceptable" limit of my onboard to run in low end potato pc graphics several new games.
It works perfectly (60-120fps) for the games I use (rbr, gtr2 ... etc). and also the resources are very scarce at the moment, I can not pay a gpu, I have more urgent priorities.:(