in need of some help for a newbie please

Rick Fowler

Dec 17, 2009
hi all hope i have put this in the right place

loving the site so much info ect its overwhelming.

ok i try and explain what i want to do.

as i only just got race 07,gtr evo,stcc-the game,race on all from steam website im only running the tracks that came with it and everytime i go online theres always sorry this server is running a newer version or mod something of that wording.

now i would like to install a few maps that are being used,as i am from the uk i would like donnington as one of my mods(only live round corner from it)also any other tracks that are being used mostly would be great,could somebody do me a few links to tracks i should install as mainly prefer to play online and at minute i dont see many servers either full or only have 1 or 2 in.

secondly how do i install these mods,i am new to this so would like as much help in lamens terms if possiable.

so if someone has time to help out a newbie with a few maps and a guide to install these wonderfull mods that would be great.

manly like the f3000 and the fomula masters but any cars, tracks would be great,i have read there's a few f1 skins out there like brawn that be nice,but as long as i can get on line that be great sorry if this is such a long post just that i want to get all the lastest mods patches ect
Sep 22, 2009
Create a download folder in My Docs (or Documents if you have Vista), and under that create a folder for each track you DL.

Put the DL'd zip files into their respective folders. Unzip each file to that same folder.

Look for the folder with the circuit name on it. Sometimes it's under GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS. This is the folder you want to move to:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<your profile name>\race 07\GameData\Locations

(You may need to create the GAMEDATA and LOCATIONS folders yourself)

Move the circuit folder to this location.

In the RACE07 folder will be another folder called UIDATA with folders called TEXTURES and VIDEOS. If your DL'd circuit has these folders, copy their contents (the files) to these folders.

Do not just unzip a circuit into the RACE07 LOCATIONS folder. A friend tried that and it overwrote the circuits he already had there. Find the folder with the circuit data and move that to the LOCATIONS folder. Some DL ciruits have it right there and others have it under GAMEDATA\LOCATIONS.

I have 53 circuits DL'd. Usually they show up under an ADD-ONS button in the game. But sometimes they go somewhere else. The new Surfer's Paradise circuit is a good example. They created a V8 Supercars slot, or something like that.

Also, I have Donington Park - good track. Well done. As for circuits to DL - try here at RD or NoGrip. Art sonika also has quite a few tracks and you don't need to be registered there to DL them.
As to car mods - IDK. I skin my own using GIMP.