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    I would want to say sorry to whole RD community and mainly Formula 1 RD community for my behaviour here five years ago. I found it now after 2 or more years, and I'm not proud of my past here, so take this thread as my excuse to all who I bothered or angered with my childish posts and behaviour, stolen mods, rude language and "Google Translate" english. Well what actually happened, that I was like 10 years old and I created two accounts, and from this second account I spammed my first account with bad words and stuff, to look it like this second account was harrasing me.. Yeah it was cringey, I don't even know why did I do that. And I would want to say thank you for moderators that banned both of my accounts, from this time I learned new things and became, I think, successful modder and I'm now proup what have I done in past year and what I'm most proud of, is that I finally gave something useful to this community rather than posting trash.

    some of my old posts from 2014, which I'm totally not proud of now. There is many more of those childish posts but I can't look on it anymore, my brain would stop working. EDIT: I'll post only link, because I don't want to be banned for bad language, even it's censored.

    Thanks for understanding.
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    We all probably have done things when we were young that we are not proud of.
    I've removed the link, so start here with a clean slate and stick to our ToS which are linked to at the bottom of every page and you will be fine.
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    hakuna matata
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