I'm I the only one that has difficulties with this game?


Aug 27, 2017
Granted, I'm not the fastest driver out there, and I'm definitely not the most experienced, but when I drive the Ferrari in F1 2018 I feel like a real novice. I'm all over the place, I can't seem to get the force feedback correct, I can't get the braking force correct. I change it in game but I lock up. The car spins at 5th gear, and the thing that annoys me more than anything else, the fact that if you make a mistake (which I tend to do), the next lap will be invalidated as well! So I'm in the invalid time loop, a mistake in lap 1, lap 2 invalidated, a mistake in lap 2, lap 3 invalidated and so on.

Maybe I'm just used with Assetto Corsa, I have almost 4500 km in the SF70H, and over 3500 km at Monza, so maybe I just need too put in the same amount of km in F1 2018? At least in AC I'm consistent (to a degree), and I know and feel when I make a mistake.

I would love to hear from more experienced drivers, who have driven F1-cars in both AC and F1 2018, do you guys feel the difference or is it just me?


Oct 2, 2010
I play with a pad and I'm terrible too, full TC is my dearest friend, so I can't help, but regarding the "next lap will be invalidated" on time trials, you can always pause the game and choose to restart the current lap.
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