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If I don't worry about rain, is the rest of CM/CSP stable and working well?

I've given up trying to get rain. I have the preview versions, nothing seems to work for me. I'm ok with that because I don't really care that much about rain. Sure it would look cool but I have AMS2 for that :)..
With that said, if I do a complete re-install of CM/CSP/SOL what is the most STABLE version of CSP and SOL? I think I have SOL 2.0 but do I want that?
My goal is to just have a stable game with night driving. I no longer care about rain.
I'm curious as to what all of you are running (as far as versions go).

Do some of you not use CM/CSP/SOL?


If you follow the installation manual both should be fine. CM will show you whats the latest version of CSP, and what's the most stable. Make sure you update the track configs too. SOL generally has a "minimum version" of CSP needed. And SOL has a very extensive instruction manual telling you everything needed for installation - which is still just a simple copy&paste.

These days I see no reason to not use CM or CSP. AC runs better, looks better and has more functionality with it.
ok thanks Acc. I guess I got too spoiled by the "drag something into CM" mode.. and wasn't paying attention to where things were going. I have a fresh clean install of AC and will go through these steps more carefully (and manually) now.


I use latest Sol with CSP 0.1.73 and it works just fine. Certainly stable, AC has never crashed during 1300 hours of playing. A number of bugs that I have had in earlier CSP versions have been fixed. I don't much care about rain so haven't bothered with the Patreon thing, night racing is a pretty cool feature though (on tracks that have decent configs for lighting). And CSP does a huge amount of other stuff that aren't possible without it, and generally just makes AC a lot better looking, better functioning game with a ton of extra features. Vanilla AC seems so archaic and primitive by comparison, AC with CM+CSP+Sol is like a whole different game

As said above, read the Sol install manual and follow it carefully.
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I don't mind "RTFM" lol.. I agree with that statement. However, the "manual" is a collection of pop up quotes in CM, most of which make no sense to me, and readme files included in downloads that sometimes seem to contradict themselves.