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I just want to say, thank you

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by samuelito, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. samuelito


    You r a genius man! English is not my native language but i've tried to say thank you for so amazing piece of software, I've started to use 3Dstudio but i spent almost a day trying to understand everything from Virtual LM tutorials. And after that day...i got nothing. But with BTB i did the track in almost ten minutes! I dunno haw do you do but you are avoiding the big effort usind 3d studio.

    Thnaks again and be sure I will buy the full license soon!

    best regards
  2. Jeff Eckert

    Jeff Eckert


    Yes! Totaly Agree with you :thumb: Great work Brendon has done :victory:

    Search for "Hillclimb2009" i have done with it for GTR²...
  3. Simon Stager

    Simon Stager

    I'm signing that!
    BTB covers everything... it's so f***ing easy to creating a simple track, but you could also create the most complex area ever seen in whatever supported game... I've been using BTB since (or or however it was called) and I'm still discovering new ways of using terrarin, additional tracks and especally walls.
    But I think RaceDepartement should also be thanked for giving BTB users a plattform to communicate... thanks ;)
  4. R Soul

    R Soul

    I also say thanks
  5. Malarkatron


    Completely agree. 3DS Max is very tedious work(especially since I hate snapping in Max, wish is was more like Maya, but I digress).

    I've only been using it for maybe a week, and already feel like I get the gist of it(Max took a while to get the hang of for me), such a time saver.

    My only wish would be that it would allow you to open and save projects from different locations(since I basically put all my data that I want on a separate HD) but just a very minor inconvenience.
  6. samuelito


    Impossible to buy!

    THe BTB homepage do not have the option for buy directly through paypal without create an account...It request some information that dissapears when I choose my country ( birth date)
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