I have to reset my control settings every single time I start DR !

Since yesterday I have to reconfigure my control settings every single time I start DR.
I have to map all the buttons on my wheel and pedals too.

I had this problem with DR before but it somehow fixed itself ?

When everything is adjusted I go and save the setup but next time there are no setups to load because DR thinks I am using a keyboard.

I have un writeprotect all the folders related to DR ( both install folders and my documents folders )

This is very frustrating and I appreciate any help !

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Use yout wheel from the start of the game. It tends to do this if you start using keyboars in menu.
Not sure what you mean but I am using my wheel from the start and that is how I know it is not working when I press the buttons on the wheel.

I had this exact problem with DR before and I haven't got a clue how it solved itself because I sure didn't do it :confused:

Another annoying thing is that sometimes DR start at the wrong resolution and not in full-screen mode so I have to change that also. :confused:


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If you remap the pause button then there is a bug where you have to reset the controls every time. If you leave pause as default it should save the controls.
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