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I do not understand something

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joe Hubbard, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    I simply don't understand a few things that I keep reading and seeing online about F1 2010. I have seen many many people saying this is to easy on the hardest settings with all helpers turned off and tyre sim on, fuel sim on, ect... Here is my questions: I have started a few different careers while playing with the graphics and trying to get the shadow thing resolved. I have notice that I can pick the same car/team at the start, and one time I might get a car that can hug the turns at a high speed, and the next time I can choose the same team however this time I get a car that is like driving on wet ice. I mean a HUGE difference, not just a small difference. Is there a feature built in persay that sets up some kind of random something to determine this? Also the question I have for all the people claiming to be able to blast around the tracks with all helpers turned off and the tyre sim on. HOW??? I can turn everything off and the tyre sim on and if I even think about touching the throtle I'm spinning for sure. In order to keep the car on the track once I have a time from a lap I am seriously almost 30 seconds behind the first place car. Granted I do not use a wheel but I do use a x52 which gives me total control on the throtle and turning degrees. That also brings me back to the original statement that I made about something random at the start. The last career I started before this one I'm on now I seemed to have a very good turning car. I could use the throtle in a turn and keep alot of traction. This career however is simply not the case, I have a car that feels like they forgot to use rubber on the tires...lol... Anyhow, just thought I would ask and see.

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