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Sell HyperStim Extreme Racer 4000 for sale

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Margo, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Margo


    The ultimate factory built racer with Hyper Stimulator PC controls - for when going far is just far enough! With leather F1 style steering wheel, stainless steel gear flippers and programmable buttons. Stunning racing seat and interior trim made from real carbon fibre. The extreme also features braided hoses and anodised fttings and drilled stainless pedals for added stability at speed!


    Factory assembled with Hyper Stimulator Professional Race Controls

    Steering Wheel - F1 Style
    Gear Flippers - Satinless Steel
    Pedals - Accelerator and Brake
    Elbow Covers - Carbon Fibre
    Racing Seat - Carbon Fibre
    Heel Plate - Black
    Dashboard - Black
    Pedal Plates - Drilled
    Braided Hoses
    Programmable Buttons
    Chassis - Decals and painted in high-gloss automotive two-pack finish.

    Comes with subwoofer attached to the seat and a fluid bottle.

    Minor scratches on paint but otherwise in mint condition.
    More info: https://www.swiftracingsimulators.com/extreme

    Will need this USB upgrade to connect to a newer PC, right now it connects to older serial port PC-s https://www.swiftracingsimulators.com/usb-upgrade USD 251

    The price for new is USD 6383.-
    The price for this one? Well make me an offer... Can sell using Paypal so should be all secured
    It is located in Europe, but I am willing to search any postage possible for a buyer.
    Price: EUR 2450.-

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  2. racingenthusiast


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