Skins HURACAN GT3 "GULF RACING" 2015-10-14

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Razor94 submitted a new resource:

HURACAN GT3 "GULF RACING" - Huracan Gulf Livery

This is my version of the famous Gulf livery on the new Huracan GT3.

I have included 2 compression version of this skin in the folder :

- 32bits which is the best quality but heavier (85Mo) no pixelated at all.
In solo mode : no problem, in online mode: maybe a bit too heavy.

-DXT5 8bits wich is the standart quality :all AC livery use it (21Mo) but a bit pixelated on this livery, mainly gulf logo ('cause the circle shape) and DXT5 damage it 'cause bit too compressed.

Of course,...
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No problem, I do that because the pixelated Gulf logo in DXT5 and 32bits is so much detailed but heavier.
Can you help me i am trying to make a skin of the huricane GT3 but i always get a stip and a number 63 in my skin with the original dev template do you have a good PSD template so i can make my own skin??? thx
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