Hungary 2010 - Gosbee Won WT and Hirrle 2nd in WC at Hungaroring

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    Pedro Rodrigues

    Martin Gosbee won the FSR World Trophy Hungarian GP in his debut for GhostSpeed. In the race held at Hungaroring on 15th of August, Martin started from 21st in the grid to climb all race long until he reached 1st in the final laps after catching and passing Allar Foht that was struggling with old tyres. An excellent performance that brought Martin his first win and also the first win of GhostSpeed in FSR World Trophy.

    Later on the same day, Dennis Hirrle continued GhostSpeed’s great momentum and came home with a podium by finishing 2nd in the FSR AutoGP World Championship race at Hungary. Dennis with a 1 stop strategy still battled with Bono Huis for the lead in the early stages and before his pitstop but after it he had to settle for 2nd, still a very good result.

    In this round, the FSR World Series race was cancelled after a server failure before half race distance was completed. The race was then rescheduled to the end of the season.

    Dennis Hirrle, FSR AutoGP WC Driver:
    “Considering this always used to be one of my worst tracks, P2 is a fantastic result, looking at where I finished in the last races. Some guys deserve a special thanks because they’ve made me realize what I was doing wrong all the time with this car, which is very different to last year’s.
    I think I could have had Bono after the start, my getaway was really good, but I had only one lap in warmup to try the car with race fuel and so I didn’t want to risk too much. Then, I thought the battle with Hähnel was going to be hard, but when I realized him and Tali being on three stops while I was on two, I was pretty sure about finishing second. Only in the last five laps of the race, I guess, I had some visibility problems, I wasn’t feeling so well this day. But as I had to save my tyres anyway, I could just cruise to the finish line.
    The result says I’m 22 seconds behind Bono, but that was also because I was stuck behind Hähnel and Tali in the second stint, and had to cruise a lot to save tyres and sometimes fuel as well. Realistically the gap would have probably been just five to ten seconds, so that’s good.”


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