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May 11, 2017
Hi everyone,

As you may have seen 2019 will bring this new version of their VR headset.

What's new is that there is a eye tracker inside the headset that gives feedback (to a game) where the user is looking when moving his eyes with the headset mounted on his head. Therefore the game can concentrate on rendering that part of the image very well while being much less precise further away from that focus zone.

I think that's a superb idea in order to make VR accessible with more modest graphic cards.

However.... Will our favourite sims be compatible with this way of displaying? Should it really be done inside the game or could it be done by the graphics card or a bit of both?

And if adaptation is needed (which is almost certain), will developers go for this as there will be small amounts of users equipped with this technology in the beginning....

What do you think?



Jun 1, 2016
Any increase in image quality from VR headsets coming out in future is going to require them to combine tech that saves on graphics processing requirements. Cards are just not being released and improved fast enough to handle the requirements of high resolution, wide FOV virtual reality.

I hope that Pimax can figure something out with their new headsets to give us more modest performance requirements. As a backer and a 1080Ti owner, there really isn't anywhere for me to go at the moment apart from wait.