How to use Exell to record results

This is my format of a exel spreadsheet to record my points from my F1 championship. You can do your spreadsheet how you wish (your own tracks and drivers) I have a sum formula on the end to record points. From there i have driver roster again and points (This is vital as the formula cell on main spreadsheet will make the next step not work) Then i graph data driver and points. All i have to do is record points after each race as i take a snapshot of the finishing positions. The graph plots the championship chase.


I created this some years ago to record my GPL69 season. I never actually completed the championship, but the spreadsheet has had continual work done on it ever since, especially after I posted it on the GSCE forum and received some update requests. It’s rather over-the-top to be honest, not particularly intuitive to use and has a number of features that most people would probably never need (and it only supports 30 races at present, so wouldn't be of use to you Antony). In fact, the file is so large that the xls version used to exceed the forum upload limit. That seems to have changed now, so I've attached that version here. Note that this hasn't had a great deal of testing (I only converted it today), so there may be bugs and quirks. I've left the compatibility checker on, which raises a number of issues, mainly around conditional formatting, so that anyone who tries it out can see for themselves what problems there may be. If anyone would like to try out the xlms version, I can upload that too.

I did try to convert it to ods format, but have not been able to get the macros to function correctly within LibreCalc (menu and dialogue box text keeps disappearing for some reason).

If anyone wants to give it a try, but is concerned about running macros on downloaded files, then be assured that nothing is password protected and anyone with even a basic knowledge of VBA should be able to confirm that there’s nothing untoward in the code. I do also have an xlsx version with no macros and all options enabled by default (which should also work in Libre/OpenOffice with no issues). It consumes a rather large amount of screen real estate though (and please note that you have to scroll down on the Standings page to find the team standings). As I run on a 34" ultra-wide, this doesn't bother me too much, but may be an issue for others.


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