How to stop FSONE2009 crashing on max gfx settings

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Robert Woodward, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Robert Woodward

    Robert Woodward

    anyone who's used FS ONE 2009 will know it loves to crash the game if you have too many cars (usually somewhere above 20 depending on the track) well i always thought it was a problem with the mod but i was looking in task manager and noticed that when you go over about 18 cars the game is using 1.56gb of ram and then when you add more it doesn't use any more ram than that, suggesting that rfactor doesnt want to use more than 1.56GB of ram.

    The reason for this limit is because rFactor is a 32bit application and as anyone with 4GB or more ram knows a 32bit system can only take 3.5gb of ram so programs that are 32bit usualy are limited to using around 2GB of ram and sometimes less like in rF's case, so when you go to 20 cars the game has to squeeze the cars into 1.56GB instead of using the ammount needed and as a result the game crashes.

    My brother found a program by "NT CORE" called CFF Explorer and what this does is it can edit .exe files and remove that 1.56GB limit. before using this program 24 cars (offline) was the limit on nurburgring 2007 before the game crashed but with the .exe file modified to not limit memory usage i was able to easily fill up the grid with 45 cars (which is the max as set by the mod) and no crashes! I have done some testing on different servers/mods with this .exe mod and no mismatches are caused.

    Here is a tutorial how to use CFF made my my brother:
    note: this video refers to a different application but may be applicable to any 32bit application with memory limit issues.

    if you have managed to successfully use this, the only thing limiting your graphics settings is the power of your pc, and you need a beast! mine stuggles with the insanity that is FSONE2009 it truly pushes rF1 beyond its limits! be sure to have the +fullproc command on your rF shortcut so rF will use all your cores (as standard it only will use 1)
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