How to see you car livery or carskins in rfactor2

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  1. Daryl Russell

    Daryl Russell

    I thought I would post this up to help people see their carskins or liveries in game and maybe help them design or have a go at designing them.

    First of I use Photoshop CS6 with a nvida .dds plugin to convert psd files to .dds
    Not sure on those who use GIMP but for those who wants Photoshop I managed to get hold of a free is your friend and also YouTube.

    Anyway once you designed your car livery/custom skin and converted it to .dds you will need to go into the game and pick your car. Since I have the entry for the RD Indy Car Series I chose this one.

    You then go to the tuning menu and on the bottom right hand side there is a option to create a directory, Click on it and that will create a directory with a .dds with what is called a .


    When putting the car livery in the file location it is always a good idea to reload it on that screen and select alt or in my case alt10. So long as the carskin has alt in front of all the .dds files you shouldn't have a problem seeing them in game if you named it like I have for example.

    ...and so on.

    Once you done that you need to go to where your rfactor2 is installed for example
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\rFactor 2\UserData\player\Settings\ISI_DallaraDW12_2014\DW12_77


    Where you created a directory there should be one already there. With your car carskin ready just delete the one there as mentioned and copy/paste your own renaming it to alt like so.

    And that is it really go back to relaunch your game go to the tuning menu select reload as mentioned before in the second picture making sure it shows alt as variant and you should see your masterpiece.

    I hope that helps any questions I am here to help


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  2. Gijs van Elderen

    Gijs van Elderen

    A little correction:


    If you want to use this skin+driver+extra's online: make a "alt10.mas".

    Skin sharing will only transfer 1 file: or alt10.mas

    To make the complete package transferable via custom skin sharing:

    • Open the Mas2.exe Utility via the rFactor 2 launcher

    • Drag and Drop all your renamed .dds file(s) into the utility

    • Set the Compression to High so that the file upload (and then download by others) is smaller by: Using the Options --> Use File Compression --> Level 9 (Highest) - this will compress a single 5MB .dds to under 1MB in size for transfer!
    • Go File -->Save As and save this with the same name as your main .dds livery: like alt_XX.mas
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