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DiRT Rally 2.0 How to pack file back to NEFS

Hi, could anyone tell me how to pack extracted .nefs file back to .nefs? I extracted nefs file via Nefs Editor but now I can't find the way how to put it back to .nefs and use in game. I am modding these files just for fun and personal use. So if anyone could recommend me some program etc. I would be glad. Thank you.
i been trying long time work this out no luck my try making rar then rename it too .nefs file see if it works but as always codemasters or other company don't help us,.
Hi, @NoooN
How did you extract files from nefs in the first place?
I was trying to extract pacenote callout sound (bnk files in nefs) using quickbms and the corresponding script (@headrushmayor thanks a lot for sharing).
There are 13 rally tracks in Dirt Rally 2.0, I managed to get the bnk files from 2 tracks, but for the other tracks, there were errors, cant extract completely from a certain nefs file, and sometimes even not a single file.
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I really want to know how to extract and replace Roadbook audio, because direct raly 2.0 does not have my native Roadbook