How to make shortcuts?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kruznik, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. kruznik



    I'm expirimenting with BTB and would like to make some Geko Ypres Rally stages.
    I see that the czeh stages are almost the same like belgium Ypres stages.
    Can someone tell me what Xpack they have used and how that I can make the corner shortcuts (brown side inside the corner)

  2. martinez


    It was not an xpack - the stage was made for original rbr format, so the technology was completely different.
    But you can take any road texture and paint mud on it. Or paint the mud on roadside's texture, which can be also attached to the road, so the other texture will fit visually to the main road and also will be positioned always pararell to it.
    For example, you can "borrow" the texture form the Czech stage ( and cut it for parts that you like. Always use perfectly positioned gudelines (in Photoshop or other program), that the textures dimensions are in powers of 2. The roads in RBR (original and Czech tracks) always are 256x256 pix, also the terrain textures (the same), roadsides may vary (like e.g. 256x128 or 256x64). You can use mip-maps as well to make them look better (6 is enough, I usually use 4) - and bump and/or specular maps that will work fine in rbr rx plugin.

    Please read of some ideas here if you like to know more:

    Happy building, m.
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