How many times have you pressed F5 lately?

I stopped pressing F5 on the above mentioned pages, Bram, and that is because I am sure I have acquired an injury on my left index and middle fingers. So now I limit myself to doing it only 4 times an hour. Man this isn't healthy for me! Haha! :-D
In a way I an very happy they did not release it this week because I have tons of stuff to do for work and for school.
But boy do I want this sim (even the beta version) to be released. :eek:
Let's hope not. Let's hope it's is the Beta coming.
they are moving to another server so i was wrong,so when the migration is done we have to wait some hours for the dns propagation.

I think that the migration will be shorter than the the RD update,db not too much big and now software switch.

Sorry, the board is unavailable at the moment while we are backing up the posts and files.
Later today the forum may be moved to a dedicated server by our host and that will shut the forum down for a short time.
We will be back as soon as possible...
In the meantime, why not fire up rFactor and have some fun? Or, you could watch videos of rFactor 2 on Youtube over and over... :)
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