How many of you guys...?

That is awesome! Racing with 1 hand, talk about passion!!! And I love the forced conditions. Where do you race man?
Hey Danny,,yeah our one handed friend has the passion.He uses one of thos steering balls from a forklift attached to his wheel.

I've raced in a few leagues in my day most notably TPTCC over at ThePits and for years I ran Nascar at BellStarRacing.In it's hay day BRS was running 5 divisions with over 20 drivers per.After taking 5 years off to deal with a divorce and all the nastys that go with that I've managed to get some close friends addicted to GTR Evo.I have several wheel and pedal combos that I lend out to get friends started which is usually enough to hook them.Being good ole Canadian boys we have taken a shine to the SE Saleen Mustangs.So far there are 6 of us meeting Saturday and Sunday mornings @ 630 PST on Skype all laughing and having a great time.

If you or anyone wants to come out with us look for the server titled Manic PW 2448.We use the Saleen Mustang mod most days and I've got everyone hooked up to the Wiessbeirbude and their auto updater to minimize mismatches.We don't consider ourselves "hardcore" as most are still learning and we all are slow compared to most but we do disable all aids but the clutch and auto transmission and require that you drive from the cockpit.

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