How is Fonteny coming along ?

I know David was working on this and last I heard he had 42% of the vegetation done. Any new progress reports?
BTW that last video really had the GPL feel to it, masterful track layout. I must say with those cars it looks pretty narrow to pass, but that does make the dirt fly for sure!


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The last build I tried was terrible. Really low-res textures, abysmal performance (like, 15fps), road as smooth as glass but with horrible jarring bumps, trees from rFactor, grass from Mario Kart, weird sound AW WHO AM I KIDDING, IT'S INCREDIBLE!

Really, though - it's amazing. David's magnum opus (until his next track anyway)..


Thanks for your interest :) It's going quite well, I think. I have just got back from a week's holiday in the Derbyshire Dales and am feeling fully refreshed and ready to go!

I am just about to finish adding the base layer of grass (so, all vegetation except for ferns, cow parsley, bushes and shrubs) - 99% done, and only section 100 to go!!

Physical road mesh is done, except for a few minor tweaks.

All trees are in place, both close-up high-res/poly and the terrain-filling low-res-poly trees. Next step is to bake the AO onto the terrain cast by the trees and buildings.

Fences/walls/hedges are done for the first 40% of the track (small job really)

All houses / farms / barns are in place (about 650 of them on this track)

Still to do:
groove / skidmarks
residents' cars / trucks by houses
last 60% of the distance markers
debris on road
leaf litter / pine cones on road
advertising (minimal)
telegraph poles/cables
electricity poles/cables
additions TSO (oil drums / benches / bus stops / 'welcome to...' signs at villages / pedestrian crossings / etc etc)

I think it will certainly be complete by the end of the year, possibly much sooner. Then I can move onto Battenbergring, Charade or Solitude :)
Amazing work, with a very small amount of imagination, these just look so real, especially with SOL enabled.
The more I see of these just makes my appreciation for all the work that goes into them and the patience and work of the modders that goes into them.
I must say modders just doesn't seem the right term, because there is so much artistry involved.
I only say that after working on golf courses for The Golf Club. The literal hours and hours of work, not to mention the layout work as well.
Theres so much more to a racetrack, surroundings and all the details. I guess I'm just waxing poetic here, but we really appreciate the work you put in, believe me.


I'm a selfish man - I make my tracks for me :laugh:

If anyone else has the same odd taste in vintage tracks then they'll get to enjoy my creations too, as an added bonus.

I must say, I never planned to release Fonteny, or indeed finish it to (almost) the same level of detail as my other tracks. It started out as a bit of fun for me, to try and find a real-roads 'Nordschleife 2' but has somehow snowballed into a serious project. I never thought anyone else would have any interest in racing round 26km of French country roads, never mind taking the time to learn the layout too (to get the best out of it) :O_o: But, the few people I have sent a beta version to seemed to enjoy it, so I just carried on with it :)
I never thought anyone else would have any interest in racing round 26km of French country roads, never mind taking the time to learn the layout too (to get the best out of it) :O_o:

You kidding? :)

Godspeed. And thank you for making it. You can't imagine the joy I feel by reliving the same passion from the GPL days.

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