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after monza you get to pick a rival. last season I choose Webber, He beat me some times in the remaining races, but I finished in front of him in the championship. However I didn't get an offer from red bull? Why? is it because Webber got more points than me in the last races??

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I am not absolutely sure, but I think that the system doesn't work on the whole championship.

I think it works from the point in the season when you chose Mark Webber as your rival.

So for example, if there are 8 races left in the season when you picked your rival, it's your performance over those 8 races, not the whole 19 or 20 races.

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it seems like that indeed, quite confusing because in the stats after the race they compare the championship standing and form. Not the points gained since the moment you chose your rival.

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The driver rivalry works in this way: you choose your rival after Monza. At that point there are seven races until the end of the season (Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, USA and Brazil). To beat your rival you have to perform better than him, in other words finish in front of him, on four of those seven races. It doesn't matter your points or his points on the championship.

Ken Hughes

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I'm not sure how the Rival feature works, but I didn't get a contract offer from Red Bull until I achieved a rank of 50 on the Career XP - then the offer to be their No 1 driver was there almost instantly.

I had beaten Vettel and Webber previously, but no offers.

May be just coincidence though.
I'm halfway through my first season at Sauber and just had an offer from Red Bull. I will not drive that car though.... hoping to pick Massa as a rival and beat him for his spot.
halfway through the Spa race atm and it's about to get wet.....
OK. So how do you know that it was because you beat him 4 times in 7 races?
After the race where I won the challenge I get two contracts offers: one from Toro Roso to renew for another year and the other from McLaren. In the last three races, I beat Perez in the first four races of the challenge, he wasn't marked as my rival anymore.