Honda NSX Evo 2019 - Hotlap setup Zolder 1:29:046 /1:28:870 Qual


Oct 28, 2018
Hello to you Guys !

This was the plan all along...been chasing a low 29.0 on the Honda for far too long....
The setup ,is slightly different from the Aggressive( used it during a Race with good results,1:28:870 on qualifying after 5 laps , and pace around low 29's) ; just remember to increase the pressure of the aggressive setup by 1.5-2 psi, else you'r going to overheat the tyres pretty quickly .
My changes on the setup are stiffer front anti-rollbar to increase rigidity and lower rear wing angle to squeeze 2-3 km/h on straight,

The video provides a progression from the slowest lap time 1.30.0 ( is also my previous best lap ) to the best lap

Time stamp PB : 6:55 into the video

Car of Choice: Honda NSX EVO 2019
Track: Zolder
Track Conditions: Optimum
Track Temperature: 30°C
Air Temperature: 24°C
Time: 04:00 PM


The setup may not appeal to everyone ;the results also vary from driver to driver .