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Historic Porsche Cup: Round 4 Hockenheimring (Live Stream)

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
Round 4 Article flyer.jpg

This week-end the Historic Porsche Cup moves to the car manufacturer's home soil at Hockenheimring in Germany for its fourth round of the championship; the league is back to its two sprint races format each preceded by a qualification session.

The previous round at Spa-Francorchamps was filled with action. The outcome of the event was potentially affected before the track action had even begun, with our championship leader Ross McGregor being ill with a virus. This time around the qualification top spot went to Jernej Simoncic - just .147 faster than Ross McGregor in second - and Guilherme Silva took third spot on the starting grid, over 1 second behind the leaders. The first part of the race saw Jernej and Ross fight for first place,exchanging positions a few times until the pitstop, where Jernej got a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pits taking him out of the fight for the win. None-the-less his lead over third place was big enough that he didn't lose second place despite the penalty. The third step of the podium went to Jarek Kostowski with a good pitstop strategy allowing him to take the position from Guilherme Silva. The race saw good battles all around the field and some crashes occurred costing valuable positions to the drivers involved. Yves Larose was one of them, after losing the rear at Eau Rouge-Raidillon and hitting the wall hard causing him to lose his front spoiler and puncture a tyre he had to limp back to the pits.

In 2002 the track was redesigned to its current configuration to suit the modern Formula One cars, reducing the length of the track from 6.823 Km to 4.574 Km. The outfield area of the circuit suffered the biggest changes, with the Stadium section of the track remaining intact along with turn one.

The track has some good overtaking opportunities which should provide action for the viewer and many of the braking zones are bumpy which make things more difficult for the drivers. The hairpin at the end of Parabolika should be the place where most overtaking will be done. The cars approach at around 239 kph before braking hard in a bumpy braking zone, so expect paint exchanged mid corner and even some heavy contact as the drivers out-brake each other. The most technical part of the circuit is the Stadium, a twisty section with curbs that make the cars very unstable and might even cause drivers to spin and go off track. Let's not forget at the start of the race drivers might arrive in Turn 1 three wide but the corner only allows space for one car at a time which may cost drivers precious positions and leave them fighting their way back through the field. All around this weekend's races should provide a good challenge for the drivers and two exciting races for the viewers.

For more background information, schedules, race reports and race results please visit the Historic Porsche Cup forum.

Live Stream & Watch and Win!
Don't miss the live broadcast of the races as we are giving away one premium membership to a lucky participant in the chat-box. Tune in today (Sunday February 22) at 20.00 GMT and watch the fourth round of the Historic Porsche Cup live at RaceDepartment.

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May 8, 2012
Looking forward to it, last week was great as were the events before.

@Yves Larose regarding that pit strategy, i thought it was super clever to change just two tires and only realized after watching the broadcast that this was what most people went for :rolleyes:. Wasn't aware two of the guys in front got drive-through penalties which is why i got a bit lucky with third place. Could have been worse with me & Spa :).

Let's have some good clean battles tonight gents, see you later!

Goran Asad

Feb 20, 2015
Looks like lots of fun, will consider to sign-up if that's possible!
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Staff member
Jun 1, 2013
Thank you Thomas, Yuri and Davy for this, again :) , wonderfull time watching the race. Sharing the FUN of good races and racers with you RD dudes is always pure FUN.


Jan 20, 2014
Thanks everyone to check in again! Great to see some appreciation here :D


Mar 13, 2013
That Thomas guy is excellent! and considering that was only your second race Yuri, it was great and informative. I was going to practice rf2 tonight but I thought I'd give you guys a listen. Got myself a couple of beers and the really enjoyed the race so the practice didn't happen tonight :roflmao:
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Thomas Hinss

Aussie Commentator and Writer
Sep 15, 2014
As Yuri said above, thanks everyone for watching the broadcasts, really good to see such a positive response to them :D


Jan 5, 2011
You guys are doing a great job! :thumbsup:
This is so much more entertaining than just watching a race.
Too bad I'm never able to stick around until the end, but please keep this up!:)