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Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by cupra_abf, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. cupra_abf


    Hi to the forum!

    It´s great that you (Aristotelis) are answering questions here when you can :thumbsup:

    It was allready on twitter that hillclimbing will be possible in AC. Now my question would be, as there were one of worlds greatest hillclimbs and a real hillclimbing machine in nkp, are there any plans to include hillclimbing content or are you just hoping for modders concerning this part of the sport? I loved the hillclimb in nkp and the existence of various hillclimbing championships in rfactor shows that there is a community for this topic. (CEMfactor is maybe the biggest and most know one, but there are e.g. also a french and german one)

    If you are thinking about it..there never has been a Osella FA30 in a game *hint* :D. Also I think a little bit of a barrier in nkp was the length of Trento. Of course, if you are into hillclimbing then you are happy to learn this track. But to broaden the community I think the existence of a smaller hillclimb is important, i think hillclimbs with the length of Trier, Al Fito, Falperra or St. Ursanne are the limit for from-time-to-time hillclimbers. Trento, Rieti or Pikes Peak are amazing climbs, but a little bit hardcore for the casual simracer ;)
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  2. Lee Ross

    Lee Ross

    The Osellla and Nords in NKP was one of my favourite combos. Such a balanced car
  3. Kazumi



    I know I maybe don't like the idea for hardcore sake but... they could always enable parts of a stage as a "full track". like only one or two sectors.

    Track XYZ -> full
    -> sector 1 - 2
    2 - 3
    3 - 4 and so on.

    Even just for practicing or set-ups that could be useful. And you don't have to create many small hillclimb stages...