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hi everybody

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by RAF Ironman, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. RAF Ironman

    RAF Ironman

    hi all,
    im new to F1 racing or should i say i have returned to it as my last f1 game was about 7 years ago.
    from my pov the game looks great.
    i got f1 2011 when it came out here in australia and have a few questions.
    i saw acuras tv mod and looks great but cameras arnt in the correct place. if anyone if doing this mod i could help plot or place the tv cameras in the correct spot, as ive been watching f1 for 20+ years i could do this of by heart no problem.

    2nd thing i was wondering how to go about joining a comp,league or perhaps a online team and how it all works ( got a little bit sick of rammers online) so i would like to race against people who take it more serously and fairly. i race with T/C and ABS (im just a noob lol) but i seem to be going ok online. im ranked in the 100 in the world and would like to do something more professional.
    just another note the forum looks great guys well done :)
  2. Veselko Lakobrija

    Veselko Lakobrija