Hey guys. I need some help with how to use a 'tough handling' car to deal with sharp turn.

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    Hi Guys I am new around here and new for Assetto Corsa. I got this game 2 days ago in steam and now I already played 13hrs. The game is really addicted. I used to play Dirt seires alot. Now I just got a problem that I can't get through. I am playing career model now. In the N2 level, last section, driving BMW Z4 GT3 on Nurburgring-GT. However, I never pass the first turn ( its about 180degrees )...no matter how slow I am( even under 30km/h) I just can't turn through it, I already steered all way down(I have a G29). I was using the default setting for PRO and turned on the ideal line. I tried some cars after that for experiment, I can use BMW M3, Mclaren P1, LaFerrari pass the turn in about 50km/h easily. But some cars, such as GTR, SLS AMG, Cant turn through it (similar to Z4 GT3). I just want to know how to drive these 'tough handling' car? BTW, how do you guys set the TC and ABS? Factory or OFF?
    Thank you very much!
  2. Michael Hornbuckle

    Michael Hornbuckle

    Probably just need to brake a bit earlier and let the car roll a bit more through the turn.

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    I'd stick TC and ABS to factory, which for a GT3 car will give you a relatively safe default. If you follow Michael's video above, it should be a relatively simple task assuming your hardware is working properly.

    Just make sure you are slowing down enough (in a straight line) well before the corner, and make sure to use the whole width of the track to make the corner as large a radius as possible.

    Once you've slowed down enough, try and just 'coast' through the corner, or just hold a very small amount of throttle. Don't focus on going very fast through the apex, just focus on slowing down enough and then being very smooth with your steering and getting close to the apex.

    If you're still struggling, uploading a small clip like above would really help us see whats happening, or if there are perhaps some hardware issues preventing you from steering correctly.

    Good luck!
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    The Z4 is heavy up front, biased at 70+ as I recall. This in it self will make it hard to trailbrake into tight corners.
    Also, it´s not just brake, then coast. You need the weight transfer to make the turn-in easier. If you let go of the brake too early then coast into the corner, you´ll loose grip.
    Try shifting the brakebias in steps towards the rear, along with practicing trailbraking just enough to keep the weight on the front during turn-in. Easier written than doing :)
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