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  1. Jack B

    Jack B

    I've seen this list of helpful links for iRacing Rookies before, but it's never been this big, so I thought I'd post it in case it might help someone here. :)

    This is the original URL in case you want to give props to the iRacer, who keeps this updated.

    Rookie Race Tip: Driver Aids (NEW)

    Rookie Race Tip: Split Times (Session Optimal Lap) (NEW)

    Rookie Race Tips: Setting up the Spec Racer Ford (NEW)

    FAQ: How to file a protest (NEW)

    Adam V. Brouillard's SRF Setup Guide (NEW)

    Rookie Race Tip: Championships, Divisions, and Points

    Rookie Race Tip: Fulfilling MPR -- D-Class and beyond

    FAQ: Series and Divisional Championships

    How to: Graphic optimizations for ATI users

    How to: Graphic optimizations for NVIDIA users

    First Rule for Rookies

    Rookie Race Tip: Ghost Racing

    Undocumented Feature: DriverHeadHorizon

    Undocumented Feature: DriverRotateHead

    Multiclass race tip: Mixing it up the RIGHT way

    Rookie Race Tip: Viewing Replays

    Rookie Race Tips: Putting SR Into Perspective

    Rookie Race Tips: Learning about Setups

    Rookie Race Tips: Race Pace

    Rookie Race Tips: Practice heads-up racing

    Graphics performance tip for increased fps

    Rookie Race Tips: Manage your iRating, ignore your SR

    Rookie Race Tip: Understanding the importance of car numbers

    EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: Some other useful links (not my handiwork):

    Overtaking 101 . . . Using traffic (NEW)

    An Introduction to the SR System (NEW)

    Tip: When to be passed

    Tip: A Different Approach (practising race starts)

    Side Mirrors Adjustment

    Frank Convertino's Car Setup Guide

    Sim Hot-Key Combinations

    How to Recalibrate my game controllers

    Logitech Wheel/Pedal Settings

    What do I need to get promoted to the next License Class?

    iRacing Sporting Code

    iRacing Beginners Guide

    iRacing User Guide

    Quote from John Henry (iRacing owner/founder/iRacer): "As a rookie your goal is to get out of rookie."
  2. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    Nice stuff Jack. Thank you.