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F1 2018 help with mouse steering

F1 2018 The Game (Codemasters)
after getting hooked with mouse steering in GTR2, AC, AMS, i ventured in the racing with the most noisy engine with my mouse, BUT the freepie scripts for AC or F1 2014 doesnt work......ppjoy mouse script works but the sensitivity is no better than keyboard driving with too high sensitivity....and the worst of all during the time trial the steering isnt centered but is either hard left or hard right.....
and i have no idea how to reduce sensitivity in game.....the thing that is there is like increases the deadzone specifically for the steering in neutral position which i find silly.......
any help in reducing the mouse flying 100 left or 100 right, and/or the dilemma of a hard left/hard right manual control will be appreciated.....