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Help needed with assetto corsa

Hello, i am new to race department and to assetto corsa.

First thing i notice was when i spin the car around and let it stay on the track ai drive around it.. but in acc they drive against you..
So at the moment i choose for assetto corsa.

But now i am a little bit lost.

Can somebody give me some mod names that are close to what i want.

I want to drive enduro races like daytona le mans nordschleife road atlanta etc.

The tracks i allready have.
But i want to make a championship.

Only the things i used to like the championship modus from gtr2 i can use in 1 championship tracks that can handle 60 cars or more and also use tracks with say 35 cars
With the championship i can choose what car are used on every single track in the championship.

Can assetto corsa do dis?

And question number 2

When you select with content manager lets say 500 laps and the race starts at 3 pm ? Will it go from light to dark or do i need some mod for it?

Question number 3

Can anybody explain what will work and what dont work with giving ai some setups?

In gtr2 i had completly rebuild the sim.
So i could give every single driver/car his own setup. But its too much work to make 56 race setups and 56 qual setups for one race.

Do assetto corsa have something like a talent file?

Thank you for your time


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
I am no expert but i think i can help a little bit.
Correct me if i wrong, though:

Question 1:

I am not quite sure what exactly you meant.

It is possible to create a championship. You are able to choose the point system, the tracks used and how long the races are and the cars.
You can choose the driver name, nationality, livery and car for each slot. If you use the content manager you can aldo choose the aggression, ballast, restrictor and skill for every specific driver.

I dont think you can have a different grid for different races of the championship.

Question 2:
Assetto corsa does not have a night/day cycle. But there is a mod for it. I think its called 'sol'. You qlso can install a rain mod.

Not sure how exactly they work, my computer is too old for them.

Question 3:
Zero idea on this one.
I mean in gtr2 you can make a championship
Like this : categories: lets say lmp1 lmp2 lmgt pro and lm gt am.. then some tracks like le mans can handle 56 cars. But when you go to lets say silverstone it could handle max 36 cars.

Now in gtr2 you can apply trackfilter with in some cfg/ini type of file(car and track). So when you race at le mans you got 56 cars then silverstone you got 36 and barcalona got max 32 cars.. so with the track filter you can choose what car are driven when you switch from full car field to a 36 or 32 field. Otherwise it would be random choosing.

So you can make a championship between a set of cars and other cars are support to bigger field. Same as in real life wec some tracks there are lot of cars some track a few less..

So basicly saying can you make within assetto corsa championship with categories or are those kind of features too much within assetto corsa?