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  1. Kristóf Kerekes

    Kristóf Kerekes

    Hey there guys!

    I've recently opened a discussion in which I got to a conclusion that I should make a more future proof upgrade to my PC, that gets more value out of my pocket.

    I've came to the SURE upgrade path of

    FSP Raider 650W
    Corsair 8GB Vengeance Low Profile DDR3 1600MHz CL9 KIT

    The questionable part comes now:
    i5 3570k
    ASRock Z77 Pro3/4

    The other one:
    i5 4670k
    ASRock Z87 Pro3

    I am not dedicated to ASRock as a brand, I just chose those because I think they are the best bang for the buck currently with those chipsets. If you can recommend an Asus or such that you think is worth the value and is around the same price, go on [​IMG]

    Fact: I am not upgrading my PC all so often, so that is one thing to keep in mind. I'm not sure how long lifespan sockets do have, but knowing the 1150 is newer, it might have a longer future. At some point, both might be dead by the team I come to upgrade my PC again. So after all the 4670k has better pure performance without OC, the 3570k overclocks better though. I'm not a hardcore OC-er though, so that might be the edge of decision.

    I hope you can help me to get on my path for a better PC [​IMG]
  2. FerrariMan96


    The Z87 chipset is used for Intel's newest CPUs, with an LGA1150 connection socket. This is used by all ix 4xxx and more CPUs. The Z77 is used for the previous generation, using an LGA1155, and is used by all ix 3xxx CPUs. This is my understanding at least, take it with a pinch of salt until someone else confirms it.

    Basically what this means is that if you want more future-proof upgradability, you should go with the Z87 combination because it uses the newer connection so if you choose to upgrade in the future, there's a better chance you'll be able to use the same motherboard (which has several advantages apart from being more convenient, such as if you install an OEM version of Windows which is linked to the motherboard and cannot be used with a new one without purchasing a new activation). However there is the possibility that you'll need a new motherboard anyway when this time comes, especially as the CPU is unlikely to be something you upgrade often for a gaming PC (especially when it comes to the i5s you've chosen, which should last a while).

    The only other things I can think of is that the ASRock Z87 Pro3 has 4 Rear USB3.0 ports, whereas the Z77 only has 2, and also that none of the boards support nVidia SLI, but all except the Z87 Pro3 support AMD CrossFireX (though the Z87 Pro4 does). So, if you want maximum upgradability, I'd go with a board that supports AMD CrossFireX or nVida SLI (depending on if you're planning to go AMD/nVidia cards). Or buy one that supports both. This will allow you to buy a second one of your graphics cards in the future to increase performance without buying an overall better (and more expensive) GPU.

    There is quite a helpful website called PC Part Picker. It has several countries from which to source parts but not Hungary, where I noticed you're from. Still, it could be useful to put the parts you're planning/thinking of using into this to check for compatibility and stuff. If you're using it in this fashion I'd use the US version of the website seeing as the US seems to have the widest range of parts...