Help mounting my seat to my rig

I'm setting up my first rig, Sim Lab P1-X, and I bought this seat, Braum Falcon X. I had purchased a universal side mount from Sim Labs but now that I have the seat I realize that it won't work, the seat only has holes for mounting on the bottom. On the product page, I see that I need to order a planted seat bracket. I'm just not sure which one, since they seem to be specific to vehicle models, but this is obviously going in my sim rig. Was hoping for some assistance in understanding which one I should order that would be compatible with both my rig and seat.

Thanks in advance!
Can’t you just buy a bucket seat slider off E bay and fit to bottom of chair, then to your rig? Less than twenty quid and you also get the benefit of an adjustable seat, win, win:thumbsup: