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Help finding an old texture pack

Nicholas Cole

Mar 28, 2009
hello all, I remember a long time ago, when BTB was still in its infancy, in a dark time before SObjects and instant-terrain :)P) that there was a texture pack available for download that had a ton of textures of numerous sponsors as replacement wall textures. As it's still impossible to browse the old BTB forums on rsc.net, I was wondering if anyone still has/uses this texture pack, and where I'd be able to find it. Thanks in advance. :)

Tim Robinson

Mar 16, 2009
I think I have exactly what your looking for, can't upload them here because they're too BIG.


Files are exactly as I downloaded them, haven't got permission to play around with them, and are setup for an earlier version of BTB, so you will have to extract the textures you want manually, and either create an Xpack or create new textures in BTB.
Sorry about that.

All the info about creating your own textures can be found in the BTB help file.

I'd like to release them as an Xpack for easier use, but am unable to get in contact (again, RSC.net is offline :( ) with original author (WezLoyd), to get permission to compile his very useful textures into a form more useable in todays "New & Improved" BTB.

If anyone knows how I can contact WezLoyd please let me know.



I won't add the Files to the downloads section here, because they arent immediately usable and need fiddling around with.

If I can get permission I will add the Sponsors XPack to the Download section.

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