[HELP] Creating a new track for racer 0.6.5

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Stefan Jovanovic, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Stefan Jovanovic

    Stefan Jovanovic

    Hi all! I was here on this forum long time ago asking for multiplayer help, but I lost my account and I don't want to reset it, so I just have logged in with the facebook. But never mind now on that.
    I need bad help.

    I wanna create a countryside track, actually the small countryside map for the start. I cannot find anywhere tutorial for this, I saw few post for creating maps for racer, but they are not what I am looking for.
    I need to know this:

    1. What tool/program should I use for creating track?
    2. How does the track works for it?
    3. Can I import Google Maps data into Bob's Track Builder, edit it and directly export it to the game? I have done this few minutes ago, but I cannot get it to work.
    4. Scripting?

    I have some other plans for racer, but for now I'm into this one.
  2. radome


    You can create a track by lofting a curve in your 3-D program like Blender or 3Ds Max. You'll need good aerial photo/s or map of the road and the best elevation data you can obtain.
    1) You scale an aerial photo of the track to match the units of measurement in the 3-D program. This is the background from which you trace the curve of the road. Google Earth can give measurements of things in the photo.
    2) You make a curve object in the 3-D program and add segments to it tracing out the road.
    3) You loft the finished curve by applying a modifier to it. Generally a cross-section of the road surface with a slight crown.
    4) Make a grid of polygons forming a plane everywhere the road goes and along side the road where there are trees, structures etc. This is your terrain.
    5) Apply elevation data to the plane of polygons. Your elevation data might be a gray-scale Geo-Tiff or some other image that can be used in some fashion to displace the verts in a vertical direction. Maybe you do it manually if you have simple contour maps.
    6) Turn a copy of the lofted curve into a mesh and apply a modifier that causes it to "terrain-follow" or "suck down against" the plane of polygons with the applied elevation data.
    7) manually "cut" the road surface smoothly into the terrain.
    8) texture.
  3. Stefan Jovanovic

    Stefan Jovanovic

    Thank you. I will try this and release my map in one month.
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