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Helmet cam "sinking" too much?

Hello fellas,

I'm trying several cars on ACC using the Helmet cam, which moves and wobbles around as you do brakings and turns. The helmet cam view is customized using the ingame option, each car having its own setting.

One thing is that I'm trying to figure out is why on some cars (basically Lamborghini and Bentley) the pilot's head "sinks" a lot while doing a strong braking, which is somehow disorientating as you lose view of the turn's apex and the dashboard goes almost filling the screen. This doesn't happen on the BMW, Ferrari and Jaguar, where the driver's head sinks on braking, but to a much lesser degree, feeling more natural and making driving easier. I haven't tried the Nissan yet.

I tried to have a look at the cameraSettings.json file and too searched the web for this question, but I have no clue to how to restrict the head sink or if the solution is on that file at all. I'd like to keep using the virtual helmet view as it helps a lot with the sense of speed and cornering, but on the 2 cars I mentioned it is almost useless with this issue.

Why on the Lambo and Bentley the driver's head sinks way more than the other cars while braking?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
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