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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Hiroshi Awazu, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Well after a ten month hiatus due to broken PS3, which led me to get into Race 07 and RFactor i finally got the urge to get back into GT5 so i bought a new PS3 and here i am. Looking forward to getting in on a race here with you guys some time soon but unfortunately i work Sunday and Thursdays. I have been a GT fan since the PS1, i enjoyed all the series, worked hard on each one. I had forgotten how beautiful the graphics were on GT5 and how good the driving physics are when Sport Tires are only used. GT4 and GT5 are the only two that i used a wheel with. GT4 i used a Driving Force EX and for GT5 i use a G25. G25 is a beautiful wheel for GT5, excellent feel all around. My driving style is H Gate shift using clutch, No assists and Sport class tires unless a full out race car is used then i go with Race Hards. I'm quite surprised with my performance on GT5 considering i have not played for almost a year but i have Race07 to thank for the quick transition back to GT5. I've just about got Heel to Toe down, i still left foot brake when i don't need to gear down. I've been at this game for a week now and i'm at Level 27 and have earned well over ten million credits and i have around one hundred cars. My two favorite cars are the 05 Pontiac GTO and the Corvette ZR1. My favorite track..... The Ring. It's going to be difficult splitting my time between GT5, Race07 and oh yeh my girlfriend lol! My gf actually supports my hobby, she gets behind the wheel on Race07 with the Mini's and last night i was asked to get her a Mini on GT5. She will be putting some laps in as well :cool:. I live in the PDT time zone which makes me 7/8hrs behind GMT and 3hrs behind on EDT time. My Race07 Club Racing is done on Sat/Sun at 09:00am GMT so that is 2/3am PDT for me. Once again Hello and hope to see you all on track sometime.

    CHEERS! Hiroshi Awazu PSN id Hirowazu
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    Welcome to the GT5 community Hiroshi. :)

    I think the transition to GT5 should be fairly easy if you've been playing Race 07. I play both too, and find that GT5 is slightly more forgiving in some ways. Sports tyres are definitely the way to go though comforts can be good fun if you fancy a challenge. :wink: You're lucky to have a girlfriend that likes a bit of wheel time! My Wife has no interest whatsoever in driving, not in real life or in games.

    If other members are willing, then perhaps we could have some Sunday morning events on occasion to give you and others from your region a chance to join in.