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DiRT Rally 2.0 have Dirt Rally Delux . Whats next?

I am finishing the download of Dirt Rally 2 Delux and was wondering what should be next? Or should I just wait for more sales,,, of what? After 1 day of dirt rally 2 i am afraid i do not think it is near as good as dirt rally.
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Already have delux edition . super delux is - waaaaay
to expensive as i already have most anyways.
Thanks Andrew but $29.85 is still way to much to add to what I have already spent. Maybe $5 but no more. This expense is getting rediculous.
Besides ,if the AI times are correct ,And I doubt them, then it is impossible to be competitive in this game. I have at lest 30 race games that I am able to adjust the AI level to be competitive. But this one is impossible. I am not saying it is not fun to drive and very realistic, It is just impossible to compete with the AI times. .
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