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Hardware, Settings, Apps & Other - poll


Nov 24, 2014
I propose here, too, for those who did not account for the forum "AssettoCorsaSupport" a survey of all that concerns the universe AssettoCorsa.

For those wishing to participate in this is the link:

Final Page Info

Suggest you add the final page in your favorites, so you have the link to see the result and change the answers. For possible future use or modification of the format.
(Unfortunately, I could not put the single access, as would be required with access gmail accout - and I do not think that all have it.)

When miss a few options, i recommend, before completing the survey to write it in the comments here, so I can add it.

First Report (100):
Poll-1.jpg Poll-2.jpg

P.S. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let and I will fix or add. ;)
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Nov 24, 2014
When will the results be published?
Every 100/200 responses approximately, (for now we are at 59)
however, at the end of the survey there should be a link that allows you to see the results ...
Least to me there is. I do not know if it's the same for you.
If someone can give me some feedback would be grateful


Nov 24, 2014
Here we are 100 answers; as promised here is the first report...
Poll-1.jpg Poll-2.jpg

Let's start with the most obvious data (almost):

-Nearly everyone uses a steering wheel, just a few are bent with the joypad (3%)

-Half of Wheels are Logitech G25/G27 (if we add also the DFGT we reach more than 60%).
While with a little surprise we note that Thrustmaster (T300/T500) and the Fanatec (CSW) are almost the same. (Considering the greater cost of teutonic one)
* Personal Consideration: Probably over a certain price threshold still prefer to spend a little more to get the best (relatively)

-Few Have the handbrake (12%) and even fewer are those who use it for Drifting (6%)

-Nearly everyone we merely using the view from the cockpit (90%), of which about half hides or arms-wheel.

-With a FOV usually very low (compared to standard) with 31% <40, and another 25% between 40-48.
7% instead is completely opposite with FOV >64

-Interesting instead the data on the screens: Only 16% has a triple screen, the remaining single-screen (except 5 pioneers with Oculus)

-There aren’t many "accessories"; more than half (63%) have no other hardware.
For the rest, some tablet (15%) and little else (all under 7%)
*(The RIG statistics added almost towards the end and still has no value for now )

- As for the Graphics Settings, the data are obviously very different;
but you can still notice that you prefer the "details the world" (80% setup on High/Maximum) compared to Smoke (85% of them sect Medium/Low)
Configurations in general still very high performance (AF and AA settings on Middle/High for more than 75%)
Only Reflexes are sacrificed, with most of them sect settings Medium/Low (61%) or people like me who excludes them (18%)

-The All this translates into a yield in FPS (pure statistical purposes) over the 60FPS to about 80%. The remaining (like me) needs a new PC. xD


-The Most used apps are relatively simple:
Mirror (46%)
Pedals (41%)
Tyres Temp (40%)

-They Have a fair use also:
Map (32%)
InfoBase (21%)
Delta (18%)

-For the times and race control are used equally both the app AC (24%) that the MOD (25%)

-A Single person uses App G-Meter, Suspension, Wings and Tyre/Setup Debug ...
If you read me, I turn to you: You are one of the staff, a programmer, one aerospace engineer or whatever you do figure it out ?! :)

-The Live timing instead sees the clear dominance of RSR on RIVAL

-Personal appreciation instead for 16% of purists who do not use any app


-The 70% use the clutch, if they get a chance. Someone insists to use the paddles.

-To Helps, predominance surprising of "Factory" (68%) preferred (or sometimes shared) to Pro-Mode/AllOff (31%)

- Topic more interesting that of SETUP; except a few specialists (7%) and stock drivers (9%), the majority wanders into this dark space of the SETUP.
It could be an idea to propose to the forum, or to Kunos, a kind of school of Setting.

-As Mentioned earlier are very few the Drifter, and even fewer Time-Attack (perhaps for the stupid way in which it is conceived)
The majority does Races, preferably online and Hot-Lap (both 51%)

-Half of us participating in organized leagues (52%)


Almost a plebiscite, is by far the most requested improvement. 65% Need It!

-More Tracks that Cars -
Greater demand for tracks (80% High/Need) than Auto (67% Medium/High)

- Better the Sun-
Night and Rain haven’t received an unsellable below (respectively 58% and 47% of High/Need).Night for a few (8%) is futile.
* I do not know if it has been influenced by the statements of Kunos.

- Offroad, Who knows? -
19% so desire, 21% believe it useless, 51% of little interest or moderately

- Clean and Switch on Engine -
Overall balance, although most are those who consider them Vain/Low (respectively 46% and 51%) of those who want them High/Need (30% and 23%)

- Few Tinsels -
Little interest instead for all small additions (sometimes folk)
Podium, Pit Wall-Guy, and Photomode Preview Creation are all sparsely requests and rather often deemed useless (30-50% Vain)

- Lots to Enhancing –
Setting the server (73% High/Need), Damage (60% High/Need) and the online interface (47% High/Need), according to many requiring of improvements

Favorite Cars and Tracks

-Added recently and with only 15 responses-

-Great SPA!
By far the most pleasing. All put on their personal podium)

-Pilots not Drivers
For cars for now there is a predilection for the GT2 / GT3 / Formula (especially 458 / M3)
For cars-road for now the favorite is the M3 E30
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